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Charleston is the #1 City in the US

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCWe are excited to share that Charleston, South Carolina has been voted the No. 1 City in the U.S. and Canada in Travel + Leisure’s 2017 World’s Best Awards! This is the fifth consecutive year Charleston is ranked the No. 1 City. We are both honored and humbled, and we extend a sincere thank you to everyone who voted.

Charleston exceeded other destinations in the categories of Sights/Landmarks, Arts/Culture, Restaurants/Food, People/Friendliness, Shopping, and Value to earn the No. 1 spot.

“It’s no surprise that Travel + Leisure readers have once again rated Charleston the best city in the United States. Although small in size, it’s the complete package: a rich history and cultural life, some of the country’s most interesting food and drink and shopping, excellent hotels, and of course, locals who demonstrate the meaning of a warm welcome,” said Travel + Leisure Editor-in-Chief Nathan Lump.

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Happy New Year from Abberly Crossing

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCHappy New Year from Abberly Crossing. We would like to thank our residents, friends, family, and community for allowing our business to be part of your lives in 2017. We wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

If we have had the pleasure of being your choice in communities, we hope that we provided the highest level of customer service and met all of your needs. In the coming months if you find yourself in need of the services we offer, we hope you choose us again in 2018.

It is our sincere wish that in the New Year you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship and that 2018 brings you good health and prosperity. From all of us here at Abberly Crossing we hope you have a safe and exciting New Year.

We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday – the longer, the better…” ~ Charles Dickens

Give A Free Holiday Gift in 30-Seconds or Less

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCIf a friend, relative, or valued service provider has a website, give them the gift of a business Facebook “like” this Holiday season. This act is free and will literally take you 30 seconds or less. By doing so, you help your friend or relative further establish business credibility and trust from an online standpoint.

Why do this? The reason is simple. Facebook “likes” is something that business owners can refer to promote their business popularity and interaction with their clients. It is also a widely accepted conclusion that Facebook “likes” play some role in how a website converts visitors into customers.

So if you know anyone with a website and wish them well in business, take 30-seconds and “like” their business Facebook page. Look for the Facebook logo usually located at the top or bottom of the website’s home page. Then shoot them a quick note saying, “Happy Holidays. I recently “liked” your business Facebook page and wish you continued business success in 2018 and beyond”. It would be a kind gesture and one that cost you nothing other than 30 seconds of your time.

To all our regular readers of this blog, we wish you all Happy Holidays and only the best for 2018 and beyond.


Charleston: Best Places for Millennials in South Carolina 2017

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCExplore the best places for young professionals based on the number of millennial residents, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, BLS, and other sources.

The 2017 Best Places for Millennials ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of key factors that are meaningful for millennials and young professionals. This grade takes into account key factors, such as access to bars and restaurants, affordability, and job opportunities, in an attempt to measure the appeal of an area for millennials.

#3 Best Places for Millennials in South Carolina is Charleston, SC, and

#34 in Best Cities to Live in America.

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Charleston, SC: The South’s Best City 2017

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCCharleston is having a moment. Again. Nearly 400 years after a group of enterprising colonists settled the jewel of the Lowcountry—a velveteen seaport that would come to be synonymous with Southern charm, skimmer boats, and the clip-clop of carriage tours—the Holy City continues to cast its spell on visitors far and wide.

Why? And, more importantly, how? Well, a primary ingredient in Charleston’s special sauce is its knack for reinvention. Over the past decade alone, an influx of bright young things—artists, chefs, entrepreneurs, and makers of all stripes—have literally transformed the look and feel of the city with their fresh ideas and modern aesthetic. But there’s more to its enduring appeal than that. After all, in recent years plenty of cities have embraced change by overhauling their images and rolling out new attractions.

What sets Charleston apart—the real secret to the city’s centuries-spanning allure—is not just that it keeps offering more to visitors, or that there’s always something new to discover here; it’s that there’s always something new for everyone to discover, regardless of what you’re interested in, where you’re coming from, or what you’re looking to find. Outside of New York, you’d be hard-pressed to find a place so steeped in history that also embraces the future in the sweeping, wholesale way Charleston does.

This is evident across the board. Take the local food scene: Walk for ten minutes in any direction downtown and you’ll find cracker-crumble seafood stalwarts like Fleet’s Landing packing the house alongside experimental newcomers—from chef Mike Lata’s moneybank-turned-seafood-temple, the Ordinary, to Goat Sheep Cow, an upscale takeout boulangerie run by seriously informed cheesemongers and bakers. Uptown, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a mini-barbecue boom, with both the exotic (John Lewis’ Texas brisket joint) to the familiar (Rodney Scott’s whole hog emporium, complete with a smoking room out back).

As for art and culture, there’s never been a better time for Charleston. The newly refurbished Gaillard Center has hosted sold-out shows for everyone from Loretta Lynn to Sleeping Beauty to Louis C.K. Around the corner is the landmark Mother Emanuel AME Church, where Martin Luther King, Jr., and Septima Clark both addressed crowds in the 1960s and where nine parishioners lost their lives in a tragic shooting in 2015. The church remains a beacon for civil rights.

Nearby, find lessons in American and Southern art at diverse museums, from the Gibbes Museum of Art to the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Galleries like The George Gallery and artists' co-ops like Redux constantly challenge the status quo. The literary tradition here is also alive and well, reflecting the city's artistic sensibilities.

Yet—and this must be said—despite all the change and reinvention, there are some things about Charleston then and now that will always be part of the draw: a stroll through an old graveyard that has been around for centuries, a walk around the Battery, a meander down moss-lined cobblestone lanes, the feel of soft white sand underfoot, and the awe of standing under a majestic old oak tree.

Even with all its changes, Charleston is still Charleston—a little glossier around the fringes, perhaps, but still a place where boomers and babies, bankers and bartenders, artists and tech types come together to create some wonderful– and utterly memorable.

A South Carolina Tourism booklet from the early 1980s sums up the city’s universal appeal with this invitation: “When you get bored with history, you’re never far from a beach. A golf course. A garden. An island. No wonder the British put up such a fight when we asked them to leave.”

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Southern Living

One Bedroom Apartments With the Perfect Southern Lifestyle

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCLadson, SC is an attractive place to live. In fact, the area boasts a mild, four-season climate and loads of things to do. Located minutes from dining, shopping and downtown Charleston, the area is bursting with great food, history, and entertainment. With some of the greatest restaurants in the south at your fingertips and tons of historic charm, you will be happy with your decision to move to an apartment in Ladson, SC.

If you are looking for a one bedroom apartment in Ladson, SC look no further than Abberly Crossing. These apartment homes have distinctive architecture and exclusive amenities. We have five different styles of one bedroom apartments, ranging from 684 to 908 sq ft. It all depends on what you need and what you are looking for.

Located in a relaxed suburban setting with exquisitely designed apartment homes, resort inspired features and unmatched convenience with easy access to schools, shopping, work, recreation and everything Charleston. Abberly Crossing offers a tranquil setting with the conveniences of the city lifestyle. Because it's How You Live that matters.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Abberly Crossing Apartments

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCIt’s Thanksgiving week and a time each year when we reflect upon the blessing within our lives. Today our warmest Thanksgiving wishes go out to all of you, our residents, friends, and neighbors. Along with this note of thanks to you, this week we offer a special Thanksgiving “shout-out” to one of the more unsung Thanksgiving heroes, Sarah Hale. Historians credit Sara Hale as the originator of the Thanksgiving federal holiday.

Sara Hale undertook a 17-year letter writing campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday observed in all states. Before Hale, Thanksgiving was not a fixed holiday but rather an informal tradition. Presidents would select a day and make it known that it would be a day of thanksgiving and community. Hale lobbied five separate presidents for a set date until finally her request was granted by president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln congratulated her tenacity and immortalized the holiday as part of American culture.

So thanks, Sara, for your 17 years of letter writing, for securing our Day of Thanks on Thursday, and for your part in creating one of the most warm and celebrated day within our American culture!


Best Cities for Millennials

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCEvery year a new crop of college graduates sets its sites on jobs across the country and, for many, life in an entirely new city. Around the same time, recent grads weigh the pros and cons of staying put versus moving to a new city for better pay, cheaper rent, and a host of other factors.

Generations of young professionals have sought--and continue to covet--jobs in places like New York and Washington, D.C., but as the job market remains uncertain and the cost of living continues to rise, many young people are now considering cities for reasons beyond their traditional cache.

To create this ranking of the Best Cities and Neighborhoods for Millennials, analyzed the data of cities and metro areas with one million residents or more from the U.S. Census, FBI, and surveys of nearly half a million college students and graduates from over the past four years. Factors examined include percentage of the population identified as millennials (ages 25 to 34), median income, education level, and racial diversity.

The ranking also favors lower median rents, unemployment rates, and crime rates. Within cities, a similar subset of factors was used to determine the best neighborhood for millennials. User-generated survey data contributed on factors like nightlife, cultural attractions, shopping, and professional sports was also taken into consideration.

The economic climate right now is difficult for recent college grads. With a ranking like this we’re combining the fun stuff with more practical things like safety and the unemployment rate. It’s a good balance of what you need to think about when you’re starting to get serious about life beyond college. has been tracking the behaviors, preferences, and decision-making of millennials since 2002, when it was founded as college review and recommendation site Today, the site provides data and anecdotal information to individuals looking to choose neighborhoods, cities, and schools, using many of the insights gained about millennials when they were considering and attending colleges to understand what they now want in a city in which to build a career, life, and family.

For example, diversity on campus emerged as a high priority among millennials on the college hunt; it now ranks as a significant factor as the same age group chooses where they will live.

The cities and neighborhoods that appear on this ranking may raise eyebrows among those who’ve lived in places like New York and Chicago and can readily identify the neighborhoods highlighted as hardly among the most affordable. It’s a combination of attributes that make these locales attractive.

But each city had attributes that ranked lower than other locations—New York is famous for sky-high rents even in neighborhoods considered “affordable,” and D.C.’s crime rate is higher than places like Boston and San Diego.

You have to take it all into account. Every city has a strength and every city has a weakness, but these are fantastic places to get going, start jobs, start families.

Top Cities And Neighborhoods For Millennials: Charleston, SC is #41 on the list.

For more information on apartments in Ladson, SC, a neighborhood of Charleston, contact Abberly Crossing.



Veterans can Soon Shop Tax-Free

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCHey veterans, you can soon shop tax free.

Starting later this year, all honorably discharged veterans, no matter their branch of service, will be eligible to shop tax-free online at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service with the same discounts they enjoyed on base while in the military. It’s the latest way in which the organization is trying to keep its customers as the armed forces shrink and airmen and soldiers buy more for delivery.

Adding 13 million potential new customers will give extra ammunition to the group that runs the stores on U.S. Army and Air Force bases worldwide as it fights Amazon and other retailers for veterans’ online shopping dollars.

Since hiring its first civilian CEO five years ago, the Exchange has upgraded the brands at base stores to include items like Disney toys, Michael Kors fashions and other top names. Like private stores, it’s also imposed tighter cost controls, reduced the number of employees and improved people’s experience on the website.

“The intent is to really beat Amazon at their game because we have locations literally on the installations,” said CEO Tom Shull. “We’re leaning toward not just ship-from-store but pick-up-from-store and eventually deliver-from-store.”

The Exchange is adding shipping centers within its stores to allow it to send products directly from those locations more cheaply and quickly. Twenty-six stores now ship orders, and that will expand to 55 by the end of the year.

Within the next three years, Shull said the goal is to deliver something on base within two hours of when it is ordered. That’s possible partly because the Exchanges are already on base, cleared by security.

The Exchange delivers most orders on the second day now. Shull said shipping from stores will make a big difference in regions around bases, which are often in more rural areas.

Expanding online shopping to all honorably discharged veterans is expected to add about $200 million annually within three years to the $8.3 billion in sales the Exchanges generated last year.

Adding those shoppers, what Shull called “the foundation of our growth,” is critical to help offset the 13 percent decline in the number of active-duty Army and Air Force soldiers since 2011 when the Exchange generated $10.3 billion revenue.

“It’s a modest benefit, but it can save you thousands of dollars a year,” said Shull, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy who served in the Army for a decade before starting a retail career at chains including Macy’s.

Former Marine Forrest Cornelius was among the first to sign up at the verification website when it launched in June, and got a chance to start shopping early to test it out. The 51-year-old was impressed by the site and a deal he found on Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“The biggest thing is price. They’re always going to be a little bit cheaper,” said Cornelius, who lives in Dallas.

But competing on price in today’s retail environment is increasingly difficult, said Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough. Just look at how much trouble Walmart has competing with Amazon, he said, because Walmart has the fixed costs associated with its stores.

“To think you’re going to compete on price, you’re going to have a hard time there,” he said.

Under Shull’s leadership, the Exchange stores have traded their industrial feel and reliance on off-brand merchandise for a more modern look featuring well-known labels.

Two-thirds of the main Exchange store at Offutt Air Force Base resembles any department store, with prominent displays of name-brand makeup, Nike fitness gear and Carter’s clothes for kids. The rest is filled with the kind of electronics, appliances, housewares and toys found at Walmart or Sears, with major brands in every section.

The Exchanges don’t pay rent for their military base locations, and the government transports some of their supplies and goods to far-flung locations, but otherwise they operate mostly like an independent retailer. Roughly two-thirds of the employees are family members of soldiers or airmen.

The Exchange, which is part of the Defense Department, reported earnings of $384 million last year. That’s a sharp contrast from five years ago when Shull arrived to projections of $180 million in losses.

Of last year’s profit, $225 million was returned to the defense department to help pay for quality-of-life programs on bases like child development and fitness centers. Besides the main stores, the Exchanges also operate more than 70 movie theaters and bring in franchise restaurants and other vendors for the shopping malls it operates on bases.

Shull feels those are good reasons for the new online shopping privileges to draw veterans to do their shopping there.

“Veterans value the cost savings and what they can do to support the military,” he said.


2016's 'Best City In The World' Goes To...Charleston, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Abberly Crossing Apartment, Ladson, SCCharleston, South Carolina. According to Travel + Leisure magazine, “Charleston is a remarkably dynamic place, so it’s no surprise that it has achieved its highest ranking ever in our survey as the year's best city in the world.”

It’s the first time a U.S. city has received the top honor, but Charleston ranked No. 2 in 2015 and has been ranked the No. 1 city in the U.S. and Canada for four years running. As scored by Travel + Leisure readers, Charleston received its top-ranked status based on six categories: sights/landmarks, culture/arts, restaurants/food, people/friendliness, shopping and value.

Here are some of the top reasons why families move to Charleston, and the reason why one in particular, stayed.

Lower cost of living

People don’t think of Baltimore as being an expensive city, but it is. No, it’s not as expensive as some of its Northeast rivals, D.C., Philly, New York or Boston, but relative to most of the country, it ain’t cheap. The move to Charleston enabled us to buy the nicest home we’d ever lived in for meaningfully less money. (I must disclaim, however, that as Charleston’s status as a world-class city becomes more well-known, the flood of new residents has closed the gap between Charm City and my hometown, but those from D.C., New York, Boston or Southern California would still find it a bargain.)

Slower pace of life

Yes, Southern hospitality is a real thing, as Travel + Leisure found, with eight of its top 12 best U.S. cities located in the Southeast or Southwest. But Charleston and the surrounding area is also marked by the lesser-known and still elusive “Lowcountry lifestyle.” It’s better felt than explained, but this outsider notes a more deliberate (not “slower”) pace of life with a heightened appreciation for the natural beauty of the region and an emphasis on relationships. Busyness is more a sign of misplaced priorities than a badge of honor here, while a turning tide or spontaneous happy hour are entirely responsible reasons to reschedule a conference call.

The Reason We’ll Stay In Charleston:

In short, it has exceeded our high expectations. Yes, the well-preserved Colonial downtown with an outsized cultural scene nestled among three rivers, countless tidal creeks and several vibrant beach communities is likely what puts it on the world’s map. But the place is far outshined by its people—a confluence of those who exhibit Lowcountry ideals and those in search of just such substance.

Marcel Proust said, “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

For more information on apartments in Ladson, SC in North Charleston, contact Abberly Crossing.


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